Individual adult portraits

When I work with adults, I like to bring out their personality. It’s not as easy as asking somebody to sit or stand whilst I point the camera and click the button. I like the camera to show who they really are, sometimes this takes some humour, maybe a story to bring out the personality that their loved ones know about.

Whether you would like a portrait for fun, a record of a particular stage or celebration in your life or for business, I will ensure that you look fabulous and at your best!

Prior to the photo shoot, we will speak either by phone or in person. During this time we can get to know more about each other and talk about what you are looking for out of the photo shoot. On the day, you’ll already know what to expect, so will feel comfortable and relaxed and this is what will add to you looking great.

Where will we take the photos?

We can either work at my studio or you can opt for a favourite location which may be your home.

How long will it take?

Photo sessions usually take between one and two hours as you may want to change into a different outfit. If you need longer then we can discuss this and I can quote you.

What do I need to bring?

You may want to bring a selection of outfits, clothing and accessories along with hats, jewellery, shoes, scarves, glasses etc. Think about what you love to wear. In my experience, plain colours work the best and you may want to avoid heavy patterns.

You may want to style your own makeup and hair, or I can refer you to a make-up artist and hair stylist. If you would prefer to prepare yourself, then I can give you guidelines on what works well with the lighting in the studio.

You may also want to consider how you want to use the resulting images. Are they for a portrait in your home, for giving away to friends and family or is it for a special event or even an album?

If you’d like to know more, contact me.

Adult individual portraits

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