Babies & children portraits

Capture your little people, whilst they’re still little

They’re small one moment and big the next, or so it seems. Children grow up so fast and as they journey through life, it’s very enjoyable to document it to look back at in later years. All those beautiful moments that you enjoyed together, the time you fed the ducks in the park and the time they couldn’t stop laughing at something you said.

Kt’s Photography can help you to create a delightful keepsake of fun times with the little ones. Together we will create images as vibrant and unique as your family.

Cake smashing sessions are now available. These are great fun and perfect for 1st birthday celebrations. Come on, lets get smashing!

No matter what the age of your child, let’s capture them before they move onto the next stage, and that one is lost forever.

It’s their job to surprise, rejuvenate and sometimes even terrorise their parents regularly; it’s mine to create the divine portrait that immediately reminds you of exactly why you love them so much.

To arrange your session, or for a no obligation chat, call me on 07917 878334.

Babies & children portraits

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