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Newborn baby photoshoots

To capture the memory of your baby’s first days is truly magical. Newborn baby photo shoots are ideally within 2 weeks of birth. The wonderful snuggly moments and delicate details frozen in time to be treasured forever.

Full details about our newborn photo sessions

For Newborn Photo shoots babies should be no older than 4 weeks at the time of the booked photo shoot. Ideally, in order to capture the magic of a snuggly, squidgy, cutsie Newborn, this should be done within the first 2 weeks of birth when the baby is very sleepy and “mold-able”. Within the first 2 weeks, babies are usually happy in blankets, wraps, hats, & headbands etc.

A variety of “set ups” are available. Below is a small selection of what I offer. On arrival, we can discuss your preferences.

Poses, Positions and Props

Kt’s photography will advise you what types of outfits are ideal for Newborn shoots. Usually Newborn babies are photographed naked, with modesty covered, wrapped in blanket etc. If you do not want this, please can you bring a selection of outfits.

Kt’s Photography will provide a small selection of blankets to wrap your baby, provide baskets and tubs to put your baby in depending on your set up choice. Please bring extra blankets or anything specific you would like your baby wrapped in. Please let Kt’s Photography know if you specifically do not want something or if during the shoot, you would like something changed. Kt’s Photography will not pick up a child to position but may position arms and legs. Kt’s Photography will ask you to help to position your baby to get the best images although it is important to let the baby move, yawn, and stretch.  Babies have wonderful, perfect, sweet movements, do not stress over having the perfect pose in every frame.

Kt’s Photography also has a range of props to include within the image. Should you want anything specific, please bring it along.


Lots of breaks will be taken, opportunities for feeding to ensure your baby is settled at all times. We have baby changing facilities and if breast feeding you can be left in private.


The Client shall maintain control of other subjects including siblings. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the cooperation of additional subjects as not to intrude on the baby’s immediate area. The Client shall provide all necessary controls over additional subjects.

What to bring?

Please bring everything you require for you and your baby for a 2-hour minimum stay.

What to expect?

When you come in, your baby will be laid down to become comfortable. Kt’s Photography will position props, provide objects for the baby to sit in to capture a wide range of shots. This photoshoot will be relaxed and should your baby become hungry or cry, we can pause, feed and settle at any time.

Failure to perform

If for any reason your baby does not settle after a period of time, Kt’s Photography may deem it more appropriate to stop the photoshoot and reconvene another day if it is not felt (by Kt’s Photography) that the shot has not been achieved. Kt’s Photography will not put the baby under any unnecessary stress and you will not incur any additional costs in this instance.

Equally, if the photoshoot is particularly productive, Kt’s Photography may draw the photo shoot to a close as the desired images have been captured ahead of schedule.

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