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Wedding photography is something that every nuptial couple relies on to be performed with the utmost care. After all that planning, you’ll want to be sure that you select a photographer who shoots in a way that captures the love, fun and joy that getting together with all the people who you love in one place will produce.

How I work

I’m more of an observer of weddings than a dominating photographer. I will photograph your wedding as it happens in the style of a photo documenter. As it unfolds, I will catch the special moments in a natural manner and won’t get in the way.

Although my favourite wedding events are those that have a relaxed atmosphere with an element of fun, I don’t really force that to happen and neither do I set up a lot of plans. Unless you ask for it, I won’t be asking your guests to pose (apart from your requested group shots), but I’ll capture their emotions and reactions as the day passes.

In my experience, natural light makes the best results and I will seek it out when I can.

During the day, we can take a wander. It may even be your first minutes alone together as a married couple. I will take photographs of you together chatting and laughing. We can also take some group photos which will be fun and over quickly so that everybody can get back to the wedding.

Although I like to capture emotion, it’s also the special details that will make all the difference. I’ll document the special touches and intimate moments that you planned and worked towards as I build the story of your wedding day.

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